Email Marketing

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Email marketing routinely achieves the highest ROI on any marketing expenditure (including social media). It’s important to understand why.

While social media platforms continue to grow each and every day, that reach you once had with your audience is heavily controlled by the algorithm. As platforms grow and evolve they focus on getting their users to spend more and more time on them, instead of sharing your content with the audience you spent time building.

The difficulty of building an audience on social is the fact you don’t actually control the means of communicating with your audience. You have to rely on a third party who, at any moment, could start throttling your posts. Severely limiting your ability to reach your audience, without paying for advertising. Social is a great way to share your content, and drive awareness but more difficult to drive conversions due to the lack of control.

And that’s where email marketing comes in. Email is the only channel you truly control. No one person, group, or business can limit how you reach the people on your email list. Email marketing has also routinely achieved the highest ROI out of any other form of marketing, and it’s typically one of the least expensive to implement.

Capture Leads

Promote Sales

Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is great, but on average 95% of people who leave a website never come back. Use email marketing to:

  • Capture Leads: We create a game plan for capturing the traffic visiting your site.
  • Promote Sales: Drive awareness to the audience who wants to hear from you when you’re running sales.
  • Drive Traffic: Quickly drive traffic to new products, services & blog content using the email list you’ve built.

How Does Our Email Marketing Service Work?

Our email marketing services are custom designed based on client needs. After meeting to gather some information about your company’s goals and existing marketing strategy and budget, we recommend a solution we think is right for you.

What’s Included In Our Email Marketing Service?

All email marketing packages are customizable, some areas we often focus on are:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Branding/Template Design Creation
  • Copy Writing
  • Automation Funnels (Welcome Series, Post-Purchase, Abandoned Cart, etc.)
  • Lead Generation / Capture Form Setup